What is Caliber Optics?


Caliber Optics is an independent European-based brand that pioneered the use of recycled shooting range spent cases in the production of high quality lightweight eyewear. It was created in 2019 by Zachary Tipton.


Can I put prescription lenses in your frames?

Yes, your optometrist can put any lens you want in your frame with Essilor, the leading Rx lens manufacturer.

What cartridges do you use into your frames?

Our glasses use 357. magnum upcycle spent cases to integrate them in our frame design. However, we also allow you to you to send us your personal used cartridges for frame customization. 

How durable are you frames?

 The keywords for our frames are sustainability and recycle. We use only high quality durable materials for our frames to make sure our products last in time. 

The main features of the Beta titanium, used in our temples, are lightness and robustness. We also incorporate an electric discharge machined compressed spring for flexibility which make them less fragile.

Do you make sunglasses?

Yes, our frames come either with prescription or polarized lenses. 

we can of course adapt any kind of lenses on our frames, you just let us know your specific requirements.

I am a retailer, can I also sell your frames in my store?

Sure, we’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a line Info@caliberoptics.com and we'll send you all the information you need.

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